CCTV Systems and Monitoring

Everything Parking can provide the latest in CCTV equipment from cameras, digital recording units, infra-red systems, mounting poles, electrical works and additional lighting to improve the overall security of your car parks.

These camera systems can be fixed to monitor one area or pan/tilt and zoom when greater flexibility is required.

We can conduct on-site surveys which will ensure we cater for your every need. Consultations with the client will further define the exact functions and capabilities of the system required, location of the equipment, civil works necessary and how/who will be monitoring the base-station and screens.

An additional advantage of this system is that it can be linked with our SPACES system of car park enforcement where CCTV staff or Security staff can work closely with the on-site Parking Attendant, so that any parking contraventions discovered by the CCTV operator (e.g. parking in a hatched area, service/delivery area) can be quickly relayed by radio to the PA who can then act swiftly and accordingly.

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