Lease Agreements

If you currently own a car park or plot of land that may be suitable for car parking, but do not want to assume the potential risk of owner-operating it or paying a fee for someone to manage it on your behalf, then Everything Parking can offer you a financially viable option.

Subject to Planning Approval/conditions, a full site and town-centre survey, location, site conditions, investment required and costs to operate, then Everything Parking can enter into short, medium or long-term Lease Agreements guaranteeing the owner a set monthly rental for an agreed period of occupation.

This way the owner does not assume any of the risks associated with opening and operating a car park, particularly if the site has not previously been used as a car parking location or if there is an abundance of local competition.

Where applicable Everything Parking may consider to offer the owner a reduced rental amount in return for a potential ‘rental top-up’ over a certain threshold in addition to the base rent.

Lease Agreements can be a way of generating much-needed income on redundant or vacant sites or where there is a surplus of unused parking spaces.

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