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The government have banned wheel-clamping and towing on all private land! Here is a legal, simple, and cost effective alternative…

Everything Parking Ltd offers a simple, legal and easy to manage alternative at little or no cost to the client. This system is fully enforceable via our direct link to the “DVLA Database” through Trading Standards, The Information Commissioners Office and the British Parking Association’s Approved Operators Scheme. Fill in our contact form on the right for further information.

We offer two alternative solutions:

Solution 1

  1. Take a photograph of the offending vehicle
  2. Email or text the photograph to Everything Parking
  3. We send out and enforce a legally binding Parking Charge Notice (PCN) to the offender (at no charge to you)

Solution 2

  1. Fill out and issue a ticket to the offending vehicle (we will supply a ticket-book free of charge)
  2. Send the Carbon Copy of the ticket to Everything Parking
  3. We chase up and process the ticket (at no charge to you)


Parking management can be finely tuned and adapted to serve and suit any location or unique situation. For no charge, we will supply you with legally binding signage to advise and inform employees and visitors alike of your current parking arrangements. This will help to reduce any potential transgression or abuse.

The offending vehicle has 28 days to pay the Parking Charge Notice of £80.00, which is reduced to £50.00 if payment is made within 14 days of issue.

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Further information

Following are links to The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 on the Ministry of Justice website which stipulates that clamping and towing is illegal:

A full copy of Chapter 9 can be downloaded from here:

The specific Part relating to Vehicles Left On Land (Part 3, Chapter 2) can be downloaded from here:

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